Southern Ain't Fried Sundays
Soul Food for the Health Conscious

For Groups

Welcome to the start of your wonderful lifestyle change!

Your group has taken the first step toward improving the quality of your health and well-being.

By learning how to prepare traditional soul food recipes in healthier ways, you can change your life without giving up the foods you love. The Southern Ain’t Fried Sundays program can help you do just that. Upon submitting a valid registration, your group will receive a toolkit that will provide you with everything you need to complete the 21-day meal replacement plan towards healthier lives.

Your toolkit will include:

  • Membership cards – carry them to identify yourself as a participant in the movement toward better health
  • Healthy eating pledges – sign them to solidify your commitment to a healthy lifestyle change
  • Informational brochures – read them to learn about our agency, the program, and how to participate
  • 21-Day Plan – follow it for a three-week transformation toward better health
  • Fans – use them to increase awareness about this life-changing program
  • Posters – post them in places where others can see them and want to learn more
  • Banners – hang them where you can see them and stay encouraged to complete the program
  • T-shirts – wear them to motivate your community to change.

Once you’ve received your toolkit, follow the instructions on your Welcome Letter to get started. After completing the plan, your group can then request your Southern Ain’t Fried Sundays Cookbooks to continue your healthy lifestyle changes.

Go ahead, make the first small step toward a big transformation that starts with requesting the Southern Ain’t Fried Sundays 21-Day Plan and Toolkit!

Click here to get started!

For groups participating in the Southern Ain’t Fried Sundays Program, an important step is to identify two key participants: a Program Coordinator and the Planning Committee. Their roles are outlined below.

Roles of key participants

Key Contact/Program Coordinator

The role of the Program Coordinator includes:

  • Being a responsible and committed advocate for SAFS efforts and changing the way members think about soul food prep
  • Exercising the option to attend a 90-minute training session that explains the concept of the SAFS Program and how it works, in addition to the guidelines provided in the toolkit
  • Organizing meetings and activities with the Planning Committee
  • Remaining updated on activities organized to engage members in the SAFS program
  • Providing feedback to AMHC staff/designees about SAFS activities, updates, successes, etc.
  • Providing program information to the Planning Committee and using the material in the program kit to motivate/educate participants and to encourage others to join the program
  • Overseeing the program implementation with the Planning Committee

Planning Committee

The role of the Planning Committee includes:

  • Overseeing/managing the program
  • Educating participants about the specifics of the program (i.e. how it works, how to use the tools, etc.)
  • Holding scheduled meetings that include a detailed agenda listing specific goals
  • Establishing a systematic communications routine among committee members
  • Forming small working groups to accomplish goals
  • Planning activities for the SAFS program that focus on healthy food-preparation methods (such as food tastings of SAFS recipes and cooking classes)
  • Becoming “Ambassadors” for the SAFS program and identifying and recruiting program participants
  • Developing a “rewards” system for participants who successfully forge new eating habits as a result of the program
  • Working with the Program Coordinator to provide feedback to AMHC staff/designees about the program